Wild East: The British in Japan 1864-1868.  

Would recommend to anyone an excellent read.”

“Excellently written and well researched book“

“EXACTLY the kind of history book I love”

“Would make a good must read book for Colleges and schools”


Bullocks, Grain & Good Madeira: The Maratha & Jat Campaigns 1803-1806.

Super intro to relatively little known campaigns

”Excellent and informative book”

“A great story, well written“


  Kings and Queens: 1200 Years of English and British Monarchs (Chapter on Henry VI)

Bringing together the thoughts and analyses of contributors from such disparate backgrounds, worldviews and professions ensures that ‘Kings and Queens’ is universally accessible to adult readers and has plenty of political balance. It will especially appeal to keen readers of popular history. For those, like me, who enjoy history but have large knowledge gaps, ‘Kings and Queens’ is a good place to absorb enough facts to bluff your way through. It’s light, breezy, entertaining, well-researched and eminently readable.” Entertainment Focus


Every Hazard and Fatigue: The Siege of Pensacola 1781.

“… [T]he first historian to really mix all the elements together  and suggest the true military consequences of the siege on the War of American Independence. It has been mooted, but never this well demonstrated.” René Chartrand, author of ‘Armies and Wars of the Sun King 1643-1715’

“Josh P.’s fine, refreshing work on the Spanish and their British opponents during the siege of Pensacola in 1781 gives us an easy read covering key aspects of the conflict in the New World. Josh’s insights are compelling, especially when it comes to prejudice and historical interpretation. He brings to light the many geographical, logistical, cultural, operational, and the geopolitical complications of the campaign and its impact on the British in western Florida. As Josh points out, this was achieved by a Spanish military, assisted by Native American nations, whom have routinely been dismissed outright for over two hundred years. Recommended!” Dr. Ed Coss, F.R.Hist.S., Emeritus Professor of History, U. S. Army Command and General Staff College

“A brilliant contribution to an understudied theatre of the American Revolution. Provan deftly combines primary sources with his narrative flare to create a work both informative and entertaining.” Dr. Robbie MacNiven, author of ‘The Pattern: The 33rd Regiment and the British Infantry Experience During the American Revolution, 1770-1783’

“Joshua Provan’s book Every Hazard and Fatigue: The Siege of Pensacola, 1781 is a much-needed study of Spanish operations to wrest the important post of Pensacola from British control. Mr. Provan does not, however, give a narrative focused solely on the spring 1781 siege, but provides the reader with a larger view of Spanish involvement in the North American war as well as associated events within that nation’s colonial empire. As Every Hazard and Fatigue moves into 1781, Provan takes us into the siege itself, from the first troop landings to its sanguine conclusion, via a day-by-day recounting of events; along the way we meet many of the participants, male and female, for a ground-level view of the campaign. Every Hazard and Fatigue is a must-read for every serious student of the War of the American Revolution.” John U. Rees, author of ‘They Were Good Soldiers’: African Americans Serving in the Continental Army, 1775-1783’

“In Every Hazard and Fatigue, Joshua Provan has given readers an exciting and thorough treatment of this important secondary theater of the American War. This study is grounded in research in both Spanish and English, and Provan consulted relevant archival documents in the United Kingdom. Provan provides a useful short volume on the Siege of Pensacola, which belongs on the shelf of wargamers, reenactors, and historical enthusiasts interested in the American War of Independence.” Alexander Burns, editor of ‘The Changing Face of Old Regime Warfare’

“….This is a readable account of one of the lesser-known aspects of that war, with both sides facing challenges and opportunities.” Miniature Wargames Magazine


Waging War in America 1775-1783: Operational Challenges of Five Armies During the American Revolution. (Chapter on the Gulf Coast Campaign.)

…This booklet is great for specialists of the American Revolution.” VaeVictus Magazine, No 173