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History Hack:

Wild East

Kings and Queens of Hawaii

Piye & the Conquest of Egypt

Manuela Saenz

The Iroquois

Myths & Musketeers

The Evolution of the British Army

The Battle of Quebec

Down the Pub/Greatest Speech

Down the Pub/Biggest Scam

Who Was Walt Disney 

The Story of Hadrian’s Wall

Remember the Alamo!

Down the Pub: Greatest Vehicle.

Spain in the American Revolution:


The Napoleonicist:

Waterloo Remembered: Marshal Grouchy

Napoleon’s Greatest Battle part 1

Boney’s Boys in Spain (part 1)

Boney’s Boys in Spain (part 2)

Greatest Painting of the Napoleonic Era

Wellington’s Greatest Victory

The 2nd Maratha War

Nosey’s Boys in Spain

Napoleon’s Admirals: Boney’s Boys on the High Seas

Most Significant Naval Figure

Redcoat History Podcast:

The Early Life of the Duke of Wellington

The 2nd Maratha War

The Gurkhas at Delhi


Napoleonic Quarterly:

In 2022 Josh joined the NQ team to manage their headline development, he can be heard covering the ‘headline news’ in the first part of each episode.

The Coalition Collapses/The Jay Treaty

An interview with Josh:

Richard Wellesley and the Fall of Mysore:

Josh MC’s a planning meeting:

Cauldron Podcast

The Battle of Rivoli 

Generals and Napoleon Podcast

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Napoleonic Impressions:

Napoleon’s Final Days (Part 1)

Napoleon’s Final Days (Part 2) 

5 Myths about the Battle of Waterloo

Excerpt from Bullocks Grain and Good Madeira


Military History Now:

The World Turned Upside Down

How to Fight Like a Gentleman – Six Astounding Rules of War From the 18th Century

Wellesley in India — Inside the Future Duke of Wellington’s Astonishing 1803 Campaign in the Second Maratha War  


17th Century Lady:

Robert Carey’s Ride